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Elevators and escalators

We are one of the first companies in our region to install, maintain and service elevators and escalators in residential buildings, commercial complexes, government premises and hospitals. References include:

  • University Clinical Center of Kosovo
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Regional Hospital of Peja
  • Automobile Registration Center
  • Regional Hospital of Gjakova
  • Regional Hospital of Prizren
  • Ministry of Justice
  • “Ideal” Shopping Center
  • Airport of Prishtina
  • Hundreds of residential buildings
  • Different commercial buildings
  • Private houses, etc.

Central heating

As a leader in this field and present in the market for over 30 years, “ejona” does the design, supply and installation of all types of heating systems and products. References include:
  • “Termokos” City Heat
  • Municipality of Klina
  • Raiffeisen Bank Kosova
  • University Clinical Center of Kosovo
  • Kosovo Correctional Service
  • “Ideal” Shopping Center
  • ELKOS Pasta Factory
  • Thousands of residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Private houses, etc.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

“ejona” is known on a local and international level with a solid experience on planning, installing and commissioning thousands of HVAC systems in different types of buildings. References include:

  • Raiffeisen Bank Kosova
  • Central Bank of Kosovo
  • Ministry of Public Administration
  • University Clinical Center of Kosovo
  • Kosovo Police
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Several shopping malls
  • “Adem Jashari” Airport of Prishtina
  • Several factories
  • Different residential buildings
  • Many commercial buildings, etc.

Waterworks and Fire Protection Systems

When it comes to Waterworks and Fire Protection Systems, “ejona” is the most prominent company in the country, with many commissioned projects of all sizes while using global brands. References include:

  • Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo Headquarters
  • Regional Water Supply Company “Hidrodrini”
  • Regional Water Supply Company “Prishtina”
  • Regional Water Supply Company “Hidromorava”
  • Regional Water Supply Company “Gjakova”
  • Regional Water Supply Company “Drini i Bardhë”
  • “Trepça” Mining Facility, etc.