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Who are we?

The business entity “ejona” Sh.P.K. is a Limited Liability Company with headquarters in Peja. The legal manager of the enterprise is Hysni (Beqir) Prelvukaj, ecc. graduate. “ejona” was founded with the same name in 1990 with headquarters in Peja and has been successfully developing its activity for years.

“ejona” Sh.P.K. is a representative of many world-renowned manufacturers of equipment of all types for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, sewerage, elevators and escalators.

Qualifications and history

“ejona” started as a small enterprise which today turns out to be very successful with a large staff with high professional standing in various fields

“ejona” employs specialized staff among whom these qualifications are included

  • mechanical engineers
  • electrical engineers
  • certified technician for central heatings
  • certified ventilation and air conditioning technicians
  • certified elevator and escalator technicians
  • certified water and sewer technicians
  • specialized welders
  • specialized economists
  • corporate lawyers

“Ejona” in cooperation with its staff, has seriously and successfully carried out very important projects which are proven by their references.

  • 1989 – Establishment of “ejona” Sh.P.K
  • 1990 – Creation of the new brand and opening of the first store
  • 2000 – Opening of new stores and offices
  • 2003 – Ejona opens its representative branch for elevators
  • 2011 – Inauguration of the new facility in Zahaq, Pej√ę (Headquarters of “ejona” LLC)


Successful Projects


Cities Covered


Global Brands Distributed


Ecc. Hysni Prelvukaj, born in Plava, finished his university studies at the University of Pristina – Faculty of Economics, and continued his master’s degree at the University of Zagreb, Department of Tourism.
In 1990, he founded “ejona” where even today it continues to be one of the most serious companies in the activities it specializes in.
Hysni also made a great contribution to Kosovar sports, more specifically in volleyball, where he founded the city’s volleyball club, “Ejona Peja”.