About us

Who are we?

"ejona" is a company headquartered in Peja. The company's CEO and founder is Hysni Prelvukaj. "ejona" was founded with the same name in 1990, headquartered in Peja and successfully operating for over 30 years now.

"ejona" is an authorized distributor of many world-renowned manufacturers of all kinds of elevators, escalators, HVAC systems, water supply and sewage equipment.


"ejona" began as a small company which today results in a very successful staff with professional qualifications in various fields.

The "ejona" has employed specialized staff among whom these qualifications are involved

  • graduate economists
  • Graduate lawyers
  • machine engineers
  • electro engineers
  • certified technicians for central heating
  • certified technicians for ventilation and air conditioning
  • certified technicians for elevators and escalators
  • certified technicians for water and sewage
  • specialized welders

"ejona" in collaboration with its staff has carried out very important projects with seriousness and success which are witnessed with their references.

  • 1989 – Establishment of "ejona" Sh.P.K.
  • 1990 – Creating the brand and opening the first store
  • 2000 – Opening new stores and offices
  • 2003 – Ejona starts its elevator installation team
  • 2011 – Inauguration of the new building in Zahaq, Peja (Headquarters of "ejona" Sh.P.K)

Our goal

Introducing the newest technology of our partners to the national market.
Investment, employment and professional preparation of young people in our country.

Our vision

Continued growth in the national and international market by providing professional and qualitative services.
By always studying market demand, trend and innovation, we adapt to every consumer and customer demand to empower you and yourself.


Hysni Prelvukaj - Founder and Executive Director
Plava-born Hysni Prelvukaj completed his university studies at the University of Pristina – Economicfaculty, and continued his magistrate at the University of Zagreb branch Tourism.
In 1990 he opened the "ejona" business, where even today he continues to be one of the most serious companies in the activities he specializes in.
Hysniu also made a major contribution to Kosovo sport, more precisely in volleyball where he also had his volleyball club "Ejona Peja".

Our partners